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Big Data: A Key to Personalization

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Big Data Report

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The topic of this EdNET Insight report is one that holds much promise for the education industry and educators alike—the ability to use what is commonly referred to as “big data” to improve decision making and ultimately deliver personalized instruction to students in order to improve outcomes. Big data has been used for years in other industries (e.g., health care, finance) and, while not a new concept in education, the learnings from those initiatives can pave the way for education companies to further leverage what has been proven to work. This report is intended to help readers understand the basic concepts, potential outcomes, and areas of concern (including data privacy), and to share examples of how big data improved operations and instruction in selected districts.

This report focuses on:

  • Big data definitions
  • Lessons learned from other industries
  • Innovations in education
  • Challenges and needs
  • New products and tools
  • Implications for the district, classroom, and business community

The 31-page report is published by the EdNET Insight service of MDR. EdNET Insight is the K-12 education industry’s premier information and consulting service, combining the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market.

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