MDR is here to help you identify your best targets, empower sales with automation, surround prospects across channels, and nurture clients with capabilities that are 100% education focused.

Data & Analytics

Always reach the right person.

Reaching a ‘market of one’ starts with data quality and quantity. A science teacher isn’t a librarian, a district supervisor, or a professor. And high job turnover in education means data currency and speed of access are key. Complete and granular education market data enables accurate targeting. Modeling and analytics reveal new audiences and buyer behaviors and preferences.

With market insights from MDR, you always reach the right person.    

Sales Enablement

Let salespeople sell.

Your team should be making contact, not searching for contact data. Instant access to prospect and customer characteristics empower account-based marketing. Technologies like MDR CloudSync automatically populate CRM systems with the freshest data, freeing salespeople for informed, one-to-one interactions.

Data-driven sales tools from MDR let salespeople sell.

Multi-Channel Activation

Deliver the right content in the right places.

Education is an increasingly noisy marketplace and it’s hard to stand out. It takes multiple impressions across multiple channels to break through. And only relevant messages will capture attention and prompt a response.

MDR helps you stand out with the right content in the right places.

Custom Services and Media

Act like a partner, not a provider.

Delivering successful outcomes for students is the priority for educators and they prefer to work with people who share that mission. Speaking their language and addressing their concerns through purpose-built platforms, content, and communities is the way to an educator’s heart and lasting brand loyalty.

MDR’s service and expertise ensure you act like a partner, not a provider.  

MDR Connects You to Education

The education community is comprised of millions of people spanning Pre-K to higher ed, day care to library, administrators to parents. To reach and engage with educators, parents, or students you need education-centric data, tools, and expertise…it’s a unique discipline we created: education marketing.

Ready to Take Action? Now that you know that education marketing is different, let us help you take action more quickly and confidently than ever before.

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