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It’s no surprise that the disruption of COVID-19 school closings had an impact on student learning, but assessments are now showing that the learning loss may be graver than anyone anticipated. And recent results of the 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—dubbed the “Nation’s Report Card”—revealed that there has been no greater impact than […]

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By Guest Contributor Dr. Angelica Gonzalez, Sr. Data Scientist at McGraw Hill  It’s no secret that STEM careers are in high demand, and will likely remain in high demand for some time. The road to a fruitful STEM-centric future is likely to include adversity — and for many learners, particularly underprivileged groups, the path to a rewarding career in […]

Overwhelmed Teacher

As the headlines are declaring, the U.S. is in the midst of a national teacher shortage. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics’ (NCES) latest survey results on public school experiences with COVID-19 shows that, 53 percent of all public schools felt understaffed entering the 2022-2023 school year, and 69 percent reported too few […]

Dr Sylvia Diaz Interview

The First “Superintendent in Residence” at McGraw Hill By Guest Contributor, McGraw Hill This interview was originally published here. Dr. Sylvia Diaz has recently joined McGraw Hill as the company’s first Superintendent in Residence. In this new role, Dr. Diaz will champion the voices of educators and district leaders, identifying and forming relationships with forward-thinking […]

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By Guest Contributor Patrick Merchant, Senior Digital Strategist, McGraw Hill School Much like voice recognition technology and even artificial intelligence, Augmented reality (AR) is increasingly making its way into PreK-12 classrooms. With the potential to make way for learning experiences that we couldn’t have even dreamed of a decade ago, the implications of this new […]

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Each year MDR examines data on public school enrollment and offers a snapshot of the state of the country’s schools. This year’s results show interesting changes, likely resulting from the unanticipated events of the past few years. U.S. public school enrollment remained relatively stable over the past decade with 91 percent of all school age […]

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By Guest Contributor Dylan Arena, VP, Learning Science, McGraw Hill School Personalized learning has long floated atop the fizzy pool of education buzzwords. Education researchers have been trying to personalize learning with “teaching machines” since Sidney Pressey introduced his “Automatic Teacher” in 1924. A century later, there are some ways in which it’s working remarkably […]