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Teacher reviewing lesson plan

For many years, we’ve heard about shortages of qualified teachers and big numbers leaving the profession, particularly in some states and school districts. And like so many things, the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic increased the frustrations for many teachers by magnifying the problems that have plagued them for years, including low wages, long hours, […]

WeAreTeachers Wins Gold MUSE Awards

WeAreTeachers was recognized as a Gold Winner in two categories during the 2023 MUSE Awards! The brand took home the gold in the categories of Education Website as well as Education Social Media. The MUSE Creative Awards is an international competition judged by a wide-ranging panel of individuals with experience in a variety of creative […]

Young Student in online class

By Guest Contributor Steve Tardrew, VP of Assessment and Research, McGraw Hill School For the past two years, online technologies have allowed students to engage in learning tasks from home, often asynchronously and without direct teacher oversight. And although schools have predominantly reopened and returned to in-person instruction, online learning is likely to continue to […]

Heart in Hands. Empathy in the Classroom

By Guest Contributor Amanda Schaffer, Online Professional Learning Product Manager, McGraw Hill School Understanding and responding to other people’s feelings, actions, and words is difficult. It’s perpetually a challenge for many adults, and, of course, can be very hard for young people, who are still developing the skills necessary to comprehend experiences or viewpoints outside […]


By Divya Sridhar, Ph.D. Background Educators have more opportunities than ever before to harness the power of digital technologies and use the data resulting from those technologies to improve their students’ educational outcomes. For example, educators can use student data to do the following: Organize and grade homework assignments; Support group projects; Monitor attendance; and […]

abstract scales of justice illustration

By Guest Contributor – Lanette Trowery, PhD, Senior Director of Learning Research and Strategy, McGraw-Hill In my work as a teacher educator and classroom coach, one of my greatest joys was seeing teachers grow their classrooms into true learning communities. It’s never easy or seamless work; the time and support needed to create a classroom […]


By Britten Follett, Executive Vice President, Follett School Solutions Recently, Follett School Solutions hosted fourteen school district superintendents from across the country to discuss hot topics in education, while giving us valuable feedback on our products and services. The high-energy conversations revealed each educator’s passion as we covered topics ranging from equity and diversity to […]

abstract blockchain illustration

By Gina Faulk – General Manager, EdGate Correlation Services Have you heard this one? AI will silently take over a lot of industries until it gets to carpentry…Then suddenly everyone will start coming out of the wood work. Bad joke aside, we’re all reading the headlines: there will be a projected 58 million new artificial intelligence […]

Mobile Education Tug of War

By Erin Werra – Writer & Researcher at Skyward and Advancing K12. Technology has evolved the modern workplaces from an office cube farm to maximum flexibility. A similar trend is emerging for K12 schools with the advent of 1:1 technology programs, flipped classrooms, and more widespread connectivity. But is blurring the boundaries of classroom learning […]