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The topic of this EdNET Insight Report has garnered immense debate among educators, district administrators, parents, and politicians alike. This 40-page report provides insight not elsewhere available on the current testing environment in classrooms across America.

While EdNET Insight’s State of the K-12 Market annual report delves deep into summative and benchmark/interim assessments, this report specifically explores formative assessments. The report’s author, Frank Catalano, has been observing developments in both digital education and consumer technologies and K-12 assessments for many years; he is a consultant and serves as a senior analyst for EdNET Insight.

Classroom Assessments: Devices, Practices, and Plans provides current information about the practices being employed in the delivery of classroom assessments. Among the topics covered are how these formative assessments are administered (paper or various types of digital devices), the software and apps used, and resources used in creating the actual test content. In addition to discussions of recent developments, the report also provides data from a 2015 survey of K-12 teachers about testing in their classrooms and insights from industry experts who follow trends in assessment and education technology.

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