Brands in the know optimize their own data files, supplement with demographics, and use modeling to learn more about educators.

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Market Insight

Our Market Research services are 100% focused on education to help you discover important information about customers and prospects, your market, the competition, and outside business influencers.

Our Market Insights help you:

  • Minimize the risk of doing business
  • Uncover and identify potential challenges, create benchmarks, and track progress
  • Develop the products that your market needs
  • Identify the right people to target, at the right time, for the right price, and with the right positioning and messages.

Analysis and Modeling

Your customer data can help identify characteristics of your best-performing customers and expand your market reach.

Analysis and Modeling is your pathway to:

  • Discover high-potential prospects who look like your best customers
  • Mine the wealth of information in your own customer data
  • Build informed business plans
  • Find out what market forces are driving your business

Sales Tools

Using our sales tools, you’ll have first access to the opportunities and contacts that will help you find and close more sales, whether your sales structure depends on inside telesales, field sales, key account strategies, or a mix of these.

Our data-driven sales tools help you

  • Identify, reach, and convert leads
  • Know your customer from the moment they enter your sales funnel
  • Empower your sales team with education data
  • Connect with the person behind the contact data