Brands in the know demand a complete, accurate, granular, and current view of the education market. They demand to be first to know when information changes.

Our ConnectED Data online list building tool lets you:

  • Build your own email and direct mail lists with real-time counts
  • Create your audience with the most precise targeting criteria available
  • Receive automatic notifications when your list has an update

Education Data

MDR’s education market data spans preschool to college to including public libraries with over 300 building-level indicators, more than 400 K-12 job titles, 5,000 college courses, 35 demographic characteristics, and persona selections to help you precisely define your desired audience.

The industry’s best data helps you:

  • Generate highly qualified leads
  • Identify better opportunities
  • Minimize wasteful marketing spend

Data Quality

MDR’s time-tested processes for maintaining accurate data in the ever-changing school market takes crucial steps to ensure that you get the most recent, reliable, and accurate available.

Our dynamic data collection and verification process assures you:

  • The most recent school market data - all year long
  • Regular, automated updates from our database to yours
  • Data quality certified by 3rd party audit

Data Integration

We offer data in different formats and several methods of delivery—from industry standard CRM systems to custom-built solutions.

Our data integration options offer you:

  • Automated delivery of up-to-date data
  • Access to our data, anytime, via an online, self-serve wizard
  • Data where you need it, when you want it

Data Hygiene

MDR’s data hygiene services are designed to keep your files up to date and to maximize your marketing spend and results.

Our data hygiene services gain you:

  • A well-tuned, enhanced customer file
  • Savings by removing invalid data
  • Increased response rates and improved performance.