Brands in the know see the education market as a unique space and tailor their strategies and campaigns to address the concerns, interests and values of educators, families, and students.

WeAreTeachers Media Kit & MDR Marketing Services

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The creative marketing agency at MDR specializes in one thing and one thing only—the school channel. Not to toot our own horn, but we got this. We are the experts at engaging educators, students, and families.

Agency 7 Steps

Whether your goal is to reach educators or the students and their families, MDR can help you with an exciting custom engagement initiative powered by MDR data and our media brands. Work with experts in engaging educators, students, and families to activate your brand or initiative in classrooms everywhere, and to influence the next generation.


MDR’s marketing strategists will work with you to create an exciting program that will create a splash on social media and resonate with your core audience. We can help you with everything from simple social promotion to complex digital and print campaigns to apps and web site launches.

Our education-focused strategists will help you:

  • Achieve long-term growth and engagement
  • Brainstorm fresh and compelling strategic marketing ideas
  • Find answers in market research


A suite of creative services that allows you to tap into our talented integrated marketing team to bring your big ideas to life and translate your strategies into initiatives that achieve results.

Our inventive education creatives will help you:

  • Craft creative that is proven to appeal to the education audience
  • Boost the engagement factor of your campaign
  • Create buzz- and share-worthy content


Digital campaigns that integrate social media, web advertising, email, content marketing and video into a comprehensive campaign are our specialty.

Our digital team leverages multiple channels to:

  • Create integrated campaigns that reach and exceed your goals
  • Drive traffic and raise brand awareness
  • Reinforce your message through multiple touches

MDR Media Brands

MDR has created communities and platforms where individuals passionate about education can come together to share ideas, gain insights, and collaborate on the future of education. Whether it’s an educator committed to enriching student’s lives, a parent advocating for their child’s development, or brands and causes dedicated to contributing to the educational experience.

Media Management

MDR provides full-service email, social and web ad and Google Adwords management services that drive results.

Our social management agency team can help you:

  • Build new social channels that drive traffic
  • Achieve engagement numbers you’ll be proud to show off
  • Understand where you get the best ROI for your media spend

Influencer Marketing

MDR leverages the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network —in the parenting, teacher, tech and school leadership spaces. We can put together a targeted campaign just for you that will give influencers a memorable and meaningful experience with your brand.

Our influencer marketing experts can help you:

  • Gain exposure for your brand from trusted industry insiders
  • Connect with the right influencers for your message
  • Build grassroots momentum through meaningful content partnerships