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Our Data Hygiene Solutions will remove inaccurate information from your data, and replace it with new data through:

Customer Name Matching

Match your customer data to the MDR database to get an accurate, detailed view of your customers. The match process allows us to identify prospects, improve market segmentation, and enhance your customer file with all the data MDR has to offer. There is no up-front commitment to see the results of the match, so give it a try and see how we can enhance, clean, and update your customer file.

Educator Delete Database

An MDR exclusive, we identify customers no longer at a school or college, ensuring your messages reach valid contacts.

Smart Merge/Purge™

A powerful tool that enhances your customer file and other lists so you get the best delivery rate possible. Our matching processes are customized to specifically deal with education files, making your mailing more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective.

Teacher Track

In today’s education landscape, teachers enter, leave, and change jobs at consistently high rates. Teacher Track was created to help you manage and potentially benefit from teacher churn by identifying teachers who’ve changed or left schools, and providing new contact information when available.