Educator data quality matters to education marketers and it’s MDR’s priority. We use rigorous third-party accuracy audits to certify our data and we’ve invested in people with the skills and tenacity to deliver on our promise.

Our passion for data shows in our process that takes crucial steps to provide you with the most recent school market data available all year long. Reach the right educators with the right offers and messaging with our dynamic data collection and verification.

MDR’s proprietary PID numbering system creates powerful data linkages and helps maintain a complete and accurate database. Learn more about the MDR PID Number.

Dynamic Data Collection and Verification

Educator Data Changes

Every school year, 20% of educator contact information will change, and a good data hygiene practice is crucial to keeping up with these changes. And, while 65 is a passing grade in school, our dynamic data process has delivered data certification scores of 90+ from expert third parties.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch…or Free Quality Data

If you’re relying on school or district-sourced data, i.e., free data, it may be costing you in lost marketing time and useless leads. That’s because unlike MDR, educators spend their time and resources—rightly so—on student outcomes, not on updating contact information on websites.