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Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market 2014

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Digital Marketing Trends Report 2014

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2013–2014 School Year

Education marketers have long since shifted from direct mail, printed catalogs, and other print media to a variety of digital marketing channels. Email marketing, web advertising, social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc. are all critical channels for marketers to use in today’s world, preferably in an integrated approach.

Take your digital marketing expertise to the next level with the market’s only comprehensive K-12 and college digital marketing study. The 2014 report, the third in the Digital Marketing Trends series, is based on the results of digital marketing campaigns to schools and colleges and provides benchmark data against which education marketers can review and evaluate their own marketing efforts as well as new research email marketing, web advertising, mobile devices, and more.

Get in-depth analyses on:

  • Email marketing for K-12 and higher ed marketers
  • Web advertising
  • Use of mobile devices in email marketing
  • A case study on integrated marketing

Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market 2014 is a must-have report providing the trends, recommendations, and lessons learned to help marketers make the best use of digital marketing in their overall marketing efforts.

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