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Digital Open Badges in Education

EdNET Insight Report

Digital Open Badges Report

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What Is a Badge and Why Do It?

The topic of badging in education is relatively new and has generated industry buzz as well as some confusion that leads to the following questions: What is a badge? How do badges work? Why should a company serving educators consider offering badges?

Digital Open Badges in Education is more than simply an overview of badging in education. This comprehensive 35-page report endeavors to answer specific questions about this development and how companies can benefit by modifying or enhancing their suite of products in response to this market opportunity. The EdNET Insight publication was developed after in-depth research, including interviews with numerous educators and other early adopters who are implementing digital Open Badges in a variety of settings.

The valuable content within the report includes:

  • Use of graphics and practical examples to discuss the Open Badge process and areas of improvement, in an easy-to-understand format
  • A “pros and cons” analysis on the use of Open Badges for students, educators, and education companies
  • Specific recommendations and strategies for companies that are thinking of adding a badging system to their current offerings
  • Resources for further investigation of the topic, including websites and publications

Digital Open Badges in Education is published by the EdNET Insight service of MDR. EdNET Insight is the K-12 education industry’s premier information and consulting service, combining the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market.

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