MDR Has 4.5 Million Home Addresses For Educators

Forget ‘old school’ direct mail. Today’s version offers you powerful options to reinforce digital campaigns and make a big impression with personalization and formatting. Learn how direct mail fits into education marketing in this article.

While educators are largely working from home, this spring is a perfect opportunity to boost digital campaigns by putting a coordinated, high-impact piece in their home mailbox using MDR’s Educators at Home File:

  • Each home address is linked to its corresponding at-school address in MDR’s institution database to make multichannel campaign easy.
  • Target educators by any MDR selection, such as job title, college course code, household demographics, and buyer selections.
  • Educators are ideal consumers. Non-educational offers are also well suited to the home mailbox.

Educators at Home Universe

  • K-12 Personnel = 3,617,781
  • College Faculty = 754,653
  • Day Care Personnel  = 95,529
  • Public Library Personnel  = 24,858

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