New and Updated District Job Titles

School districts have experienced a myriad of changes over the last several years. MDR completed a market analysis among school districts to identify and evaluate changes in district level job titles. The result is 35 new district titles, 2 new coach titles, and 11 updated district titles related to health, facility management, safety, technology, diversity, privacy, and student learning. Get the full list of MDR education job titles available here

Status Title Description
New Emergency Management Coordinator • Responsible for emergency preparedness and mitigation, through organization of emergency drills and implementation of reporting procedures.
• Coordinates with outside emergency agencies, such as police, fire and EMS departments.
• Initiates return and recovery plans following incidents.
New Energy Management Director • Ensures that district facilities are being used in the most energy-conscious and fiscally-prudent way possible.
• Tracks and analyzes energy consumption in all district buildings.
• Assists in developing and supporting the district's energy policies and guidelines.
New Attendance Director • Responsible for enforcing all district and state attendance policies.
• Provides support and resources to families and students with attendance issues.
• Assists in developing strategies to decrease chronic absenteeism, tardiness, and truancy.
New Accounting Supervisor • Responsible for enforcing all district and state attendance policies.
• Provides support and resources to families and students with attendance issues.
• Assists in developing strategies to decrease chronic absenteeism, tardiness, and truancy.
New Operations Director • Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business procedures. Implements policies and procedures that will improve day-to-day operations. Ensures work environments are adequate and safe.
New Special Projects Director • Builds and maintains relationships with community partners to ensure external funding for special initiatives.
• Provides technical and administrative assistance in reviewing proposals for special projects within the district.
• Facilitates change and progress within district systems to eliminate achievement gaps.
New College/Career Readiness Director • Equips all district students with the academic and social supports necessary to ensure a successful transition from high school to post-secondary education or a career field.
• Provides mentorship opportunities, hands-on learning experiences, and indivdualized student plans.
• Collaborates with Counseling and Curriculum directors to provide robust college and career readiness instruction.
New Fine Arts Director • Provides opportunities for students to develop interests and abilities in Dance, Music, Visual Art, and Theater.
• Supports curriculum development and instructional support for all visual art staff.
• Develops and maintains relationships with local arts organizations to facilitate collaborative programming.
New Leadership Development Director • Provides training opportunites for staff interested in becoming principals and administrators.
• Develops personalized professional learning and support for future school leaders.
New Teaching and Learning Director • Provides leadership that supports the District's overall academic performance strategy while ensuring that all administrators throughout the organization function as an integrated team.
• Oversees the expansion of school leadership development programs, professional learning programs for all staff, and high-quality evaluation systems.
• Plans and implements a system of feedback and evaluation regarding the effectiveness of Instruction and Curriculum services as perceived by users of the support services.
New Elementary Education Director • Leads the planning, development, and implementation of relevant elementary curriculum and instruction.
• Provides leadership and direction for district elementary principals.
• Monitors student academic progress.
• Makes recommendations for elementary instructional budgets.
New Secondary Education Director • Leads dynamic and innovative curriculum design for secondary schools within the district.
• Provides leadership for secondary school principals and administrators.
• Uses research-based instructional practices to improve student engagement.
New Restorative Practices Coordinator • Leads in building a positive school climate and enriching school communities through building relationships, collaborative problem-solving, and implementing student accoutability measures that address and analyze student behavior in a meaningful way.
• Reintgrates those members of the school community who have both been harmed and done harm, through the implentation of responsive structures that engage social and emotional wellness and promote holistic, healthy tactics to resolve conflicts.
New Transition Coordinator • Provides programming, services, and supplies to students who experience homelessness or an acute housing transition period to ensure they have same social and academic opportunities as other students.
• Manages programs and services designed to facilitate special-education students' move from school to post-school activities, while also creating new career pathways for students with disabilities.
New Compliance Coordinator • Ensures the district is in full compliance with district, state, and federal laws.
• Coordinates with Federal Programs/Grants deparments to develop and maintain an accurate data reporting system for funds and compliance with their intended usage.
New Chief of Human Resources • Ensures effective and efficient allocation of resources to appropriately manage human capital.
• Assists in labor relations and implementation of adminstrative guidelines.
• Facilitates recruitment and retention of diverse staff.
New Employee Relations & Services Director • Handles contract negotiations, labor relations, and collective bargaining.
• Performs investigations regarding claims and complaints related to policy, compliance, employee conduct, performance management, and employment law.
• Promotes safety and respect in the work place for all employees.
New Risk Management Director • Promotes a safe, healthy, and secure learning environment for students and staff.
• Oversees areas such as Workers Compensations, Reasonable Accomodations, Property & Liability Issues, and Employee Health Testing Programs to control and minimize loss to the district.
• Direct Employee Benefits and Insurance Programs.
New Recruitment Director • Implements district-wide recruitment and placement strategies for faculty and staff.
• Conducts in-person interviews with potential staff members.
• Oversees onboarding process for new staff members.
New Community Engagement & Relations Director • Connects families to students' learning experience by engaging parents through various programs and strategies.
• Fosters community engagement with schools through community events and development of meaningful partnerships.
• Recruits businesses, government agencies, non-profits, etc. to work with schools.
New Student Support Services Director • Provides professional learning for staff on prevention and intervention strategies.
• Develops collaborative relationships and partnerships with local agencies to eliminate barriers to services for students and parents.
• Implements and manages various holistic approaches (MTSS, SEL, etc.).
New Mental Health Coordinator • Provides comprehensive consultation services concerning student mental well-being, diagnosis, and treatments.
• Manages mental health services and response team members within the district.
• Coordinates services and resources between students, families, and community agencies.
New Testing Coordinator • Coordinates and administers all state-mandated standardized tests.
• Provides a dynamic, online testing and data system.
• Connect students, teachers, and parents with relevant data reports and research.
New Wellness Coordinator • Increases awareness and provides education opportunities on different dimensions of personal wellness for students, faculty, and staff.
• Implements evidenced-based practices to help promote the building of healthy habits.
• Collects data relating to wellness metrics and the results from various wellness initiatives.
New Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Director • Promotes a supportive, safe, and inclusive learning environment for all students.
• Addresses persistent educational and opportunity gaps faced by students based on socioeconomic standing, race, gender, ethnicity, language or disability.
• Fosters a responsive environment that exposes students to a diversity of perspectives and experiences.
New Technology Services Director • Administers and supports district-wide computing and web services network.
• Assists staff in integrating innovative technology into classrooms and other district operations.
• Responsible for management of technology infrastructure throughout the district.
New Information Tech/Services Director • Effectively and efficiently provides access and availability to IT support services to the satisfaction of all its customers by providing an informative and supportive first point of contact.
• Ensures that the department provides reports that are needed by the District, which include grade reporting, scans for surveys, various report requests, student downloads, etc.
• Implements and sustains a modernized communication system infrastructure for all schools.
New Database Administrator • Administers, maintains, and deploys database software, security rules and permissions, and dashboards.
• Designs and implements automation for the routine and effective use of technology in daily tasks.
• Maintains database platforms up to current industry-level standards while ensuring external vendors also meet technical requirements.
New Innovation Director • Implements and supports innovative teaching and learning strategies, particularly in the pursuit of more individualized learning environments.
• Leads in areas such as data integration, computer support, customized learning, and digital tool integration.
New Marketing/Communication Director • Works to promote a positive image and increase community support for public education and the district.
New Associate Superintendent • Responsible for school building administrators.
• Facilitates direct communication between schools an district office.
New Deputy Superintendent • Responsible for overseeing and aligning critical district administrative functions, processes and special projects that engage multiple divisions under direction from the Superintendent.
• Exercises functional supervision over the Superintendent's direct reports as directed by the Superintendent.
New Chief Communications Officer • Responsible for engaging staff, families, and the community while providing all stakeholders with information pertaining to the school district.
• Responds to requests and questions related to the Freedom of Information Act.
• Develops and seeks opportunities to share engaging stories and news through the media, district websites, staff and parent updates, and social media.
New Administrative Services Director • Plans, directs, manages and oversees the operations, programs and planning of administrative services, including finance, budget, information technology, human resources, labor relations, risk management, and other areas as assigned.
• Performs responsible and complex administrative work.
New Purchasing/Procurement Director • Oversees the coordination, supervision and initiation of all purchases by competitive bidding, informal quotations, and negotiation for items of supply and equipment necessary for the operation of the school district.
• Evaluates and implements methods and procedures for improving economy, efficiency, and quality of operations and services.
• Develops and analyzes the departmental budget(s) against the district’s operating plan.
New Esports Coach
New Girls Wrestling Coach
Updated Business/Finance Director
Updated Food & Nutritional Services Director
Updated Community Education Director
Updated English Language Learning Director
Updated Human Resources Director
Updated Professional Learning & Development Director
Updated Student Information System Director
Updated Title IX Coordinator
Updated Advanced Academics Director
Updated Family Engagement Coordinator
Updated Literacy Coordinator