Data Reveals Insights to Accurately Target and Connect With Educators

Did you know that when marketing to educators, the more targeted a message or offering is to the challenges and current needs of the educator, the better the results? And that precise targeting depends on complete and accurate data? MDR gives brands the information and insight to identify and reach the right educators.

Educator Data Quality Matters

MDR puts the entire education market within reach. We invest the time and effort to provide our clients with the complete picture of the education market.

Educator Data Changes

Every school year, 20% of educator contact information will change, and a good data hygiene practice is crucial to keeping up with these changes. MDR makes it easy to maintain current and accurate data with regular, automated updates from our database to yours! Receive data refreshes as frequently as you wish directly into your CRM system, so you never have to worry about having "dirty" data.

Educator Data is Revealing

Your data can reveal invaluable information about your educator customers and it can be a priceless asset…especially when it’s clean, organized, and optimized.

Educators in the Community

Educators are reflections of the communities where they work and live. Understanding the economic, demographic, firmographic, and cultural landscape of those communities allows you to speak knowledgeably to educators and to craft messaging that resonates with them.

MDR Data Puts Educators Within Reach

There are more than seven million educators in the United States, but brands don’t want to talk to all of them; they want to connect with the right ones for their offering.

Ready to Take Action? Now that you know how MDR does data differently, let us help you target the education market more effectively and confidently than ever before.

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