Brands in the know optimize their own data files, supplement with demographics, and use modeling to learn more about educators.

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Educator Data Is Revealing

Educators who have already purchased from you will most likely do so again. That’s why getting to know them—their buying patterns and characteristics—is crucial. How can you do that? By clearing through data clutter with MDR’s Analytics and Modeling tools.

Analysis and Modeling to Pinpoint Your Best Customers

Educator Name Matching – Match your customer data to our database for an accurate, detailed view of your customers.

eCPR – Find your best prospects by combining customer information with our demographically rich data.

Optimization to Remove Duplication

Smart Merge/Purge™ – Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of education marketers, this powerful tool will enhance your customer file so you get the best delivery rate possible.

Educator Delete Database – An MDR exclusive, identifies customers no longer at a school or college, ensuring that your mailings reach valid contacts.

Teacher Track – Identifies contact changes, and provides new contact information when available.

With MDR’s Analytics and Modeling tools, you may find gold in those prospects!

MDR Data Puts Educators Within Reach

There are more than seven million educators in the United States, but brands don’t want to talk to all of them; they want to connect with the right ones for their offering.

Ready to Take Action? Now that you know how MDR does data differently, let us help you target the education market more effectively and confidently than ever before.

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