Brands in the know profile districts, schools, and teachers to home in on the right audience.

View a snapshot of the U.S. Education Market.

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Educators in the Community

Complete and accurate data reveals insights to help you accurately target the right educators in the communities where they work and live with messaging that meets their challenges and needs.

MDR’s data and expertise on educators are the foundation on which our customers build their marketing programs. They rely on our education market coverage and proven, accurate contacts—from preschools to colleges to public libraries.

Who Does Your Brand Want to Reach?

There are 7+ million educators in the U.S. It might be nice to talk to all of them, but we know you only want to connect with the right ones for your offering.

MDR can help you reach the right ones because we take you inside districts and communities with in-depth data on:

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MDR Data Puts Educators Within Reach

There are more than seven million educators in the United States, but brands don’t want to talk to all of them; they want to connect with the right ones for their offering.

Ready to Take Action? Now that you know how MDR does data differently, let us help you target the education market more effectively and confidently than ever before.

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