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Webinar: Ensuring Educational Equity for the 2020-2021 School Year and Beyond

Our expert panel discussed the ways that the COVID-19 crisis changed our approach to education in this country and explored new strategies for ensuring that the playing field is level for all students.

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing Trends in Education webinar thumbnail

Webinar: Data-Driven Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends in Education

In this webinar, we share insights about our Data-Driven Digital Marketing Trends in Education findings.

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Webinar: CARES Act Funding: What You Need to Know

Gain insights about the CARES Act and how you can help schools, districts, and higher ed institutions maximize this funding.

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School children with teacher

Webinar: Cracking The Code On Connecting Corporate Social Responsibility With Schools

If the words “impact future generations” appears anywhere in your mission statement or corporate responsibility goals, chances are you need to connect with Gen Z, roughly defined as students currently in kindergarten to college.

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Modern Classroom

Webinar: Beyond Four Walls: Designing Learning Spaces That Transform Student Outcomes

Panelists addredess the importance of a pedagogical approach to designing spaces driven by learner needs and curriculum.

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Webinar: The Power of Influencer Marketing for the Education Market

We share case studies, best practices, and show how engaging influencers is a cost-effective marketing approach whether you’re looking to generate buzz, increase brand awareness, or grow your social following.

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Social Emotional Learning in K-12 Schools Webinar title slide

Webinar: Social Emotional Learning in K-12 Schools

We reviewed SEL challenges, opportunities, and findings from MDR’s recent research study on Social Emotional Learning in schools.

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Decoding the School Purchasing Cycle Webinar thumbnail

Webinar: Decoding the School Purchasing Cycle

Learn about the different stages of the school purchasing cycle and the times of year that educators engage with marketing messages.

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Webinar: Social Media Marketing Educators Actually “Like”

Learn how to move beyond simple follows and likes to real engagement on your social channels.

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Webinar: Email Best Practices for Education Marketers

Learn how to get better email results from MDR’s resident email experts. This webinar will give you actionable takeaways you can put to use right away, along with a better grasp on how to create emails that will catch the attention of educators.

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Students reviewing architectural drawing

Webinar: Tap the Education Channel – Strategies

We talk about how best to reach educators for cause related initiatives. If you have a mission that would benefit from engaging educators, youth, and families, then you’ll want to check out the recording of this webinar!

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Webinar: Digital Marketing Trends

This webinar provides the results of MDR’s Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market report, which reveals the reality of educator interaction with digital marketing in email, web ads, and social media.

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