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Educator Engagement and the School Purchasing Cycle

Learn how to tailor your message for where your audience is in the buying cycle, and what channels work best during different times of the school year.

Recorded Webinars

Social Media Marketing Educators Actually “Like”

Move Beyond Simple Follows and Likes to Real Engagement

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The Value of Market Research

Using Market Research to Make Better Decisions

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A Conversation with Gen Zers

Engage for Good and MDR Talk with Gen Z Experts About Reaching Today’s Youth

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Fueling Your Growth with Smart Data Management

Learn how to Collect, Clean, Model, Connect, and Leverage Your Customer Data

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Teachers Are A+ Consumers

Learn Why Brands are Going Back to School with Insights from our Teachers as Consumers Report

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Digital Marketing Trends Report

Engaging Educators in the Digital Break Room with Email, Web Ads, and Social Media

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Tap the Education Channel

Strategies for Teaming Up with Teachers, Classrooms, and Students Presented by Engage for Good, MDR, and PepsiCo

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Test For Success

How to Use Testing to Create Irresistible Campaigns by Optimizing Your Emails, Ads, and Landing Pages

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Email Best Practices

Create Better Emails to Capture the Attention of Educators and Improve Your Email Marketing Results

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Educators are consumers.  Educators are influencers.