Versatile Content Can Reach Educators at Key Moments In The Sales Journey

Did you know that dollar per dollar, content marketing delivers more leads than traditional advertising? And that content is an especially powerful tool with evidence-loving educators? Based on hundreds of client campaigns, MDR has learned how effective the right content—deployed in the right channels at the right time—can be to build relationships between educators and brands like yours.

Education Data

There's a reason why the foundation of all of our client engagements begins with data. Data fuels every aspect of your marketing programs from building strategies, to modeling and segmenting your audience, to relevant campaigns, to seeing ROI on marketing automation.

MDR’s comprehensive and accurate database covers the entire education market from preschool through college to public libraries.

Digital Marketing

Informed by our data, and the deep educator insights we've gained over decades, we create multi-channel digital marketing solutions proven to engage the educator market. MDR drives your digital programs with highly targeted data selections, clear campaign metrics, and the greatest ROI.

From digital advertising, to social media, to email, to custom content programs, our Integrated Marketing Services team can help you reach the right audience on the right channels.

Education Data Tools

Know your customer from the moment they enter your sales funnel. You can empower your sales team with education data that helps them see and connect with the person behind the contact data.

MDR’s data tools help identify, reach, and convert leads with integration to your existing CRM system and smart devices.

Database Services

The key to successful campaigns lies within your customer file. MDR can match your customer data with our database to identify your best-performing customers, high-potential prospects, and buying behaviors, and to keep your files up to date. We also provide data hygiene services to maximize your marketing spend and results with every campaign.

Research and Insights

Where do your best opportunities for growth lie? Gain greater insights on your customers and prospects, your competition, and outside business influencers with market research that is 100% focused on education and priceless for strategizing. Our experts deliver consulting, research, and analysis services, and report on the trends shaping the education market today—and tomorrow.

MDR Makes Content Marketing Work

When it comes to purchasing decisions, the more than seven million educators in the U.S. do their homework; they want to know about your offering, your company, and your values. Content is how they get to know and trust you as both an ally and a partner.

Ready to Take Action? MDR’s data, educator-focused channels, and experienced team make us uniquely qualified to help your brand convert educators with content relevant to them.

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