Brands in the know use content to give educators the information they need, when and where they need it.

Do you know when the best time to reach educators is? Download our Infographic to find out!

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Educators Demand Relevance

Content relevant to their interests and delivered at the right moment in their decision making can move educators from awareness to action to advocacy. And, with MDR’s omni-channel outreach, you can reach educators wherever they live and work on the channels they prefer.

How Reach and Relevance Help You Connect with Educators

Want to reach 2nd grade teachers in Vermont—across channels and devices with content relevant to them and maximum results for you? You need R&R: reach and relevancy.

We integrate our unrivaled online tracking capabilities with our offline demographic database to get your message in front of your target audience—on their schedule, wherever they go online and on any device. So that message for the 2nd grade teacher in Vermont reached her mobile email on Wednesday afternoon when she was corresponding with a student; on Friday morning when she was preparing for a math lesson, your ad popped up on her favorite site.

The Building Blocks of an Effective Content Marketing Campaign

MDR knows educators, which means we know how to build an effective content marketing campaign with:

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