Brands in the know learn from successful campaigns how to spark a response with educators.

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Read more about the best ways to use content marketing to reach educators in our Best of Content Marketing Report.

Best of Content Marketing Report

Educators Respond to Good Content

Every day the 7 million+ educators in the United States are inundated with marketing messages. Yet, the most effective way to reach them is with a relevant, timely message. MDR can help you create content to make your message the one that connects with educators, and makes them allies of your brand.

Once you create that message, how can you deliver it to connect successfully with educators?

Start With Mixing Your Marketing

The most successful marketing programs today take a multi-channel approach. MDR helps brands take that approach by expanding their marketing mix to include:

Digital Advertising Solutions – Put Your Ad Where Educators Are

Maximize your ad spend from targeted banner ads to Facebook ads that are guaranteed placement in front of a known educator every time they’re shown. Learn how the power of repetition can boost your digital marketing campaigns.

Social Marketing – Don’t Be Shy About Getting Social with Educators

Educators are active social media users, so including social media marketing as part of your strategy is an excellent way to reach the ones you want to influence. You can speak directly to them through MDR’s WeAreTeachers, WeAreParents, and EdNET communities, or we can connect you to them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever social platforms you use.

Email Marketing — Email Lives, But Needs New Life

Email is alive and well in the Inbox, but the old “batch and blast” method is a dead end for marketers. Following MDR's email best practices can reinvigorate any email campaign—we have first-hand knowledge on what moves the needle in opens, click-throughs, and engagement for the educator.

Content Marketing Works

Recent client campaigns prove that educators respond to and engage with content like articles, blog posts, giveaway contests, social posts, emails, and videos.

educators respond to good content