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Actionable Business Insight So You Can Market With Confidence

Research provides essential business data necessary for you to make the most informed and successful decisions and plans. An ongoing research program can strengthen your overall business planning and ensure that your organization truly meets the needs of your market.

MDR’s Market Research team is 100% education-focused. We speak educators’ language, enabling us to craft research studies that elicit the information you really need. Each and every day we communicate with educators, study the trends, and analyze the market forces at play. Our knowledge of and experience with educators give you a unique advantage when it comes to market research.

Our information-rich educator database contains comprehensive contact and demographic information on educators across the U.S.—from early childhood centers, K-12 schools, public libraries, and higher education institutions. Access to this data gives MDR’s Market Research team an edge when it comes to identifying and working with educators to meet your research needs.

Market Research Solutions will help you:

Minimize the risk of doing business. Obtain solid, detailed answers to critical questions and drive smarter strategic plans.

Improve your performance. Uncover and identify potential challenges, create benchmarks, and track progress or evaluate successes and failures before taking the next steps.

Develop the products that your market needs. Explore new and profitable business opportunities to make informed product development decisions.

Market with confidence. Arm yourself with real data to sell to the right people, at the right time, for the right price, and with the right positioning and messages.

MDR Data Puts Educators Within Reach

There are more than seven million educators in the United States. Every day they are inundated with marketing messages. Yet, the most effective way to market to educators is with a relevant, timely message designed to resonate with them.

Ready to Take Action? MDR’s data, when combined with our unmatched strategies, effective solutions, and audience-tailored engagement channels, can help you engage educators...everywhere.

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