Omni-Channel Outreach Connects Brands to Educators Everywhere They Work, Live, and Play

Did you know that educators are avid users of social media to connect with peers and find resources; that they consume more traditional and digital media than the general population; that they follow and fan brands they believe in; and that they carefully research the products they buy for both professional and personal use? MDR helps brands engage these educators by understanding their behavior in all areas.

Educators Are Always Educators

Don’t let school hours and summer vacation schedules fool you; educators are always paying attention. They’re hungry to learn more about products and brands that can help them do their jobs and serve their students.

Educators Are Within Reach

For decades, MDR has focused solely on the education market and on helping marketers connect with targeted educators.

Educators Listen To Trusted Sources

Educators have high standards and strong values. Reputation is key to their willingness to trust product reviews and claims, and they value peer input.

MDR Makes Educator Engagement Work

There are more than seven million educators in the United States. Every day they are inundated with marketing messages. Yet, the most effective way to market to educators is with a relevant, timely message designed to resonate with them.

Ready to Take Action? MDR’s data, when combined with our unmatched strategies, effective solutions, and audience-tailored engagement channels, can help you engage educators...everywhere.

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