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We are deeply committed to your success and believe MDR’s Email Optimization Service will benefit you in measurable ways. Contact us for pricing information and more details.

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We're Here to Help With Your Email Marketing Momentum

MDR’s Email Optimization Service is an exclusive consulting solution designed to improve your email performance when targeting an educator audience. The fact is, even if your data is of the highest quality (like MDR’s), you target the right educators, and your content and call-to-action are compelling, it’s not enough. The email marketing bar has been raised.

MDR’s Email Optimization Service helps you clear the bar.

Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI

MDR is a leader in marketing to the education market. We know how to reach educators, how to engage them, and how to inspire them to take action. Leveraging our best-of-class insight, analysis, and expertise along with market-tested intelligence from our partners, we’ll recommend proven strategies to improve your email results. MDR’s Email Optimization Service will:

  • EXAMINE every aspect of your current email marketing program—from your marketing strategy to your subject lines to your call-to-action.
  • IDENTIFY strengths and potential flaws that can be affecting your goals.
  • RECOMMEND specific actions to measurably improve your unique open rate, your unique click-through rate, and your unique click-to-open rate.
  • DEVELOP a detailed, custom roadmap to ensure your success and maximize your ROI.

How MDR’s Email Optimization Service Works

Our team of experts will thoroughly examine every aspect of your current email marketing program. What you’ll receive:

  • A DETAILED, 10-POINT ASSESSMENT of your email marketing program.
  • A COMPREHENSIVE 6-MONTH REVIEW of your email performance and deliverability metrics.
  • A THOROUGH CRITIQUE of two of your most recent emails, including strategy, messaging, and design.
  • A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT on current email best practices.
  • A REVISION of one of your recent emails that corrects any flaws and demonstrates how best practices can be applied to help accomplish your goals.
  • A WEB-BASED 1-HOUR CONSULTATION to discuss your email marketing and steps you can take to measurably improve your results, and to answer any questions.

Templated Email Optimization

To help you gain the most value out of your email deployments, we now offer a Templated Email Optimization product designed specifically for those marketers who need a little extra help in creating a promotional email template in HTML format that follows accepted email design best practices.

One of the key ingredients for effective email marketing is having an email template that gets opened, but also drives traffic to the desired landing page.

The Templated Email Optimization product is for those marketers who have the copy and the images for the email promotions, but not the resources or time to create a mobile-friendly HTML promotional email.  This is a low cost, quick turnaround time email solution.

At the completion of the engagement, you'll receive a fully tested HTML mobile-friendly email template that you can reuse and adjust as needed for future email deployments.

Reach out to us today to let us help you with all email optimization.