Free Email Response Insight Report

MDR’S EMAIL RESPONSE INSIGHT report will optimize your campaigns by learning from the non-proprietary data MDR gathers and studies from the millions of emails we deploy on behalf of our customers.

What is IP reputation and why is it critical?

IP reputation plays a major role in your email deliverability. Mail from IPs with a high reputation score is accepted quickly and at a higher rate than mail from IPs with a lower or unknown reputation score.

Want to learn whether your IP reputation is flawed and how to improve it?

Talk to us. We can help!

MDR’s Email Response Insight gives you a technical analysis of current email practices with an action plan to improve delivery and response rates based on proven methodologies. Many variables determine the effectiveness of your email program; the quality of your data is one, but ever-changing technical and industry trends are another. We’ll thoroughly examine those trends with you, discussing the impact they may be having on your email results, and even exploring ways to use them to your advantage.

In addition, we’ll share insights on how to improve your delivery and response rates. Our initial analysis will target more emails that you identify as non-responsive to your campaigns. After matching these “non-responders” to MDR’s send histories, we’ll examine these key performance indicators:

  • Total active emails on the most recent file
  • Valid emails, successfully delivered
  • Emails that have been opened and/or clicked at least once in the past 12 months,6 months, 3 months
  • Emails that have not been opened in the past 12 months

Learn From Thousands of MDR-Deployed Email Campaigns

Optimize your campaigns by learning from the non-proprietary data MDR gathers and studies from email campaigns we deploy on behalf of our customers. The insight we’ll provide can materially benefit you when you deploy a high volume of emails using MDR data.

Questions That Need to be Asked, and Answered

During your analysis, we’ll address many important questions, including:

  • Is your data up-to-date?
  • Is your Internet Protocol (IP) reputation positive, or causing delivery problems?
  • Are market trends impacting the success of your email—and if so, how should you respond?
  • Is the increased use of Google email domains within education having an impact on your delivery rates—and if so, what can you do about it?

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