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Email Trigger Campaigns

Follow email best practices and implement triggered messages to your campaign responders. This easy, automated feature allows you to set up an automated message for individuals who open or click your initial message and up to three additional messages for individuals who have not opened or clicked your message.

How Campaign Follow-Up Triggers Work:

  • Create your Initial Campaign message.
  • Develop your follow-up Responder Message for individuals who opened and/or clicked in the Initial Campaign.
  • Develop your follow-up Non-Responder Messages, up to 3 messages (they can all be the same or different).
    • Each response to these messages then triggers the Responder Message.
  • Set up all (3 to 5) messages at the beginning of your campaign, define when each trigger message should deploy, and then forget it!

Plan your campaigns from start through follow-up, do the setup once, and then let the automated system take over. You save time and money, plus boost your response!