Introducing Classroom Technology Data Selects

Take the guesswork out of knowing teachers' technology use in the classroom

You told us you needed to know which classroom and student information applications educators are using in their classrooms. We heard you, and we’re delivering!

Why is this data helpful to me?

  • Valuable mapping for companies selling LMS and SIS applications, laptops and smart devices
  • Strategic intelligence for core and supplemental content developers
  • Critical insight for new market research and R&D
  • Beneficial blueprint for sales territory management and opportunity development for educational hardware and technology sales

MDR’s Classroom Technology Data Selects

Student Information Systems (SIS)
Web-based applications that consolidate student performance and personal data which can be accessed by students, teachers, parents and school administrators.

SIS Brands Districts Public Schools
With SIS-Aeries 407 6,178
With SIS-Chalkable 298 3,275
With SIS-Edupoint 388 5,699
With SIS-Illuminate Education 323 6,595
With SIS-Infinite Campus 1,586 15,360
With SIS-PowerSchool 3,530 31,378
With SIS-Skyward 1,358 11,140
With SIS-Tyler 392 3,816
With SIS-Other 3,400 27,215
Counts as of April 2, 2020

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Web-based applications that help educators create and distribute lessons and other content in their classrooms. LMS's have measurement and tracking components, as well as the capability to be shared with parents, other educators, and school administrators.

LMS Brands Districts Public Schools
With LMS-Blackboard Learn 1,459 26,951
With LMS-Canvas 770 13,848
With LMS-Connect 440 9,962
With LMS-Edmodo 694 15,817
With LMS-Google Classroom 3,190 47,665
With LMS-Moodle 713 12,736
With LMS-Odysseyware 418 5,118
With LMS-Pearson SuccessNet 544 12,308
With LMS-Schoolology 651 10,973
With LMS-Skyward 1,095 9,660
With LMS-Other 1,799 16,288
Counts as of April 2, 2020

Bring Your Own Device Programs (BYOD)
BYOD programs allow students to bring their own personal laptops, tablets, Chromebooks or other Smart devices from home and use them in school to access lessons, research and other educational material via the school’s wireless internet access.

Districts Public Schools
With BYOD Program 3,425 16,714
Counts as of April 2, 2020

1:1 Programs
Schools with 1:1 programs (or 1:1 computing) provide each student with a portable device such as a laptop or a tablet for their individual school-related use for the entire school year.

Districts Public Schools
With 1:1 Program 8,889 39,443
Counts as of April 2, 2020

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