Brands in the know use conferences to show educators who you are, what you stand for, and what they can expect from future interactions with you.

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Note: Due to Covid-19, most conferences originally scheduled through mid-May and some into June have gone virtual, postponed, or cancelled. This list has been updated with status as of March 30, 2020.

We’ve put together this list of education conferences to help you with your 2020 conference strategy. Whether you are attending, exhibiting, or just want to learn more, this list can help you explore the 2020 conference landscape.

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Marketers know the conference doesn’t end when you go home! In fact, making sure the conference was worth the spend begins with what happens with your leads.

Drive Traffic

Are you looking to drive foot traffic to your booth, and online traffic to your website? Host a giveaway! We know that teachers love giveaways, whether it’s free classroom supplies, a new tech gadget, or a gift card to their favorite store. Our WeAreTeachers team has helped dozens of brands showcase their products and build their email list by hosting a contest.

Optimize Your Leads

Are you looking to get to know your conference leads? Clean up your lead data. Before following up with your prospects, you want to be sure you have as much information about them as possible so your follow-up is relevant. We can help you gather additional data outside of what your leads supplied during registration or what’s on their business card.

Nurture Your Leads

Are you looking to follow up with your conference leads? Be prepared with a nurturing campaign! Having a post-conference communication plan ready to execute as soon as you’re back in the office is crucial. We can put together a three-part email nurturing program that promotes your brand and products and moves your prospects down the funnel.

Better Understand Your Customers

Are you looking to better understand your current customers and prospects? Conferences are a great time to conduct your own market research! Pre-schedule onsite meetings with your current customers and prospects to get their feedback on how they use your products, or what they think of your brand. We can help you come up with the right questions to get the feedback you need to inform your marketing strategy.