Introducing Exclusive MDR School Indexes

Zero in on the schools that signal they are leading the pack!

Pick and choose schools based on their innovation, connectivity, enrollment or expenditure trends, affluence, and buying power indicators.

MDR’s exclusive indexes can help you find the needle in the haystack. Cherry pick K-12 school prospects by their innovation ranking, enrollment growth, spending trends and connectivity—as well as their affluence levels and market power. Rely on MDR’s data and analytical mastery to help you be as focused and cost-effective in your marketing as possible.

Progressive Schools

Target schools with the most pioneering approach to education. Progressive School Index is a proprietary data set comprised of 14 school success and innovation attributes. All K-12 schools are stack ranked into three groups—Most Progressive, Very Progressive, and Progressive.

Enrollment Trends

Find the schools that are having a growth spurt! We’ve reviewed school enrollment histories and categorized them by their growth trajectories. Select from one of four categories (all pertaining to schools with 100+ enrollment):

  • Continuous (year-over-year) Growth
  • High Growth
  • Medium Growth
  • Low Growth

Expenditure Growth

Which schools are on a spending spree? We’ve reviewed school Instructional Materials expenditure levels and ranked their growth. Select from one of four categories:

  • Continuous Increase
  • High Increase
  • Medium High Increase
  • Moderate Increase


MDR’s new Connectivity Index measures a school’s WIFI speed compared to standards established by the FCC E-rate. Guidelines suggest 1 Gbps per 1,000 users.*

Public Districts and Schools  WIFI Connectivity Levels:

  • Above Standards
  • Meeting Standards
  • Progressing

*For further information on connectivity standards, see E-Rate Modernization Order, Internet Access

Need more ways to identify opportunity? Don’t forget about MDR’s other school attribute indicators:

School Affluence

Select schools by their wealth level. The Affluence Indicator utilizes a proprietary algorithm to rank all U.S. schools on their relative wealth. The indicator applies to all K-12 school types, public libraries, and daycare centers. The Affluence Indicator is broken out into 5 categories.

Buying Power

MDR’s popular Buying Power Index helps you manage your budget by narrowing your marketing focus. Four categories of Buying Power help marketers reach the institutions with the highest percentage of spending.

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