MDR Webinars

You don’t need to go straight to the superintendent’s office to persuade education decision makers. Education-focused social media influencers, from classroom teachers, to education enthusiasts, to former educators-turned-professional content creators, can be a powerful force for brands and nonprofits looking to connect with parents, students, or schools.

In this webinar, we share case studies, best practices, and show how engaging influencers is a cost-effective marketing approach whether you’re looking to generate buzz, increase brand awareness, or grow your social following.

You’ll learn:

  • Why; Influencer marketing is changing education selling and marketing like no other channel
  • Who; Leverage micro and macro influencers and their involvement in brand advocacy
  • What; The efficacy of various social media channels for influencer marketing
  • How; Nailing a content partnership with the right influencers to reach your audience

The Power of Influencer Marketing for the Education Market

The Who, What, Why, and How