Market Research That Delivers Answers

Custom Market Research Makes it Possible

Before you build your next campaign or strategize for back-to-school season, make sure you know who to target, what they value most, and their product perceptions and buying preferences.

Hear directly from the right educators. Our team brings the expertise, data, research methods, and actionable insight you need. Armed with fresh and detailed feedback from precisely targeted educators, you can:

  • Pinpoint target markets
  • Determine unmet needs
  • Craft effective marketing messages
  • Gauge customer satisfaction
  • And much, much more!

Better Reach for Your Own Blind Surveys

You create, program, and host your survey. We’ll handle the email deployment and, under the Schooldata brand, get the valuable data you need without brand bias.

Don’t make another move without solid, educator-focused research. We can help!

See the results from our own latest research!

MDR research report thumbnails

We surveyed a sample of teachers and administrators in grades pre-K–12 from the WeAreTeachers educator opt-in community and additional school leaders from the MDR database. We received over 3,500 responses that shaped these two reports…

Let us design a market research plan for you that will get you the answers you need. Schedule a free consultation today.

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