The Power of Email, Digital, and Social

Three NEW Multi-Channel Marketing Bundles

Take your campaigns to the next level

Introducing a trio of new options to reach educators in up to three channels. We’ll do the heavy-lifting to set up and launch your campaigns and you’ll watch your results grow. Need creative services, too? No problem! We can add on email, social, and web-ad creative services to any of the packages. See details below.


  • 20,000 Facebook Ad impressions
  • + 20,000 total deployed emails (split into two deployments of 10k each)
  • = 40,000 total impressions ($7,000 value)


  • 30,000 Facebook Ad impressions
  • + 30,000 total deployed emails (split into three deployments of 10k each)
  • = 60,000 total impressions ($10,500 value)


  • 40,000 Facebook Ad impressions
  • + 40,000 total deployed emails (split into four deployments of 10k each)
  • + 40,000 Web Ad impressions
  • = 120,000 total impressions ($15,000 value)

PLUS...Campaign Optimization Add-Ons:

  • Creative Services to build one email and one social ad
  • Creative Services to build one set of web ads
  • Add 50,000 web ad impressions to any package