The Power of Email, Digital, and Social

Three NEW Multi-Channel Marketing Bundles

Take your campaigns to the next level

Introducing a trio of new options to reach educators in up to three channels. We’ll do the heavy-lifting to set up and launch your campaigns and you’ll watch your results grow. Need creative services, too? No problem! We can add on email, social, and web-ad creative services to any of the packages. See details below.


  • 20,000 Facebook Ad impressions
  • + 20,000 total deployed emails (split into two deployments of 10k each)
  • = 40,000 total impressions ($7,000 value)


  • 30,000 Facebook Ad impressions
  • + 30,000 total deployed emails (split into three deployments of 10k each)
  • = 60,000 total impressions ($10,500 value)


  • 40,000 Facebook Ad impressions
  • + 40,000 total deployed emails (split into four deployments of 10k each)
  • + 40,000 Web Ad impressions
  • = 120,000 total impressions ($15,000 value)

PLUS...Campaign Optimization Add-Ons:

  • Creative Services to build one email and one social ad
  • Creative Services to build one set of web ads
  • Add 50,000 web ad impressions to any package

Want to bump up your email campaign performance? Please provide your contact details below and we’ll be in touch! Or, you may call us at 1-800-333-8802 to get started.