Mix it up!

Use ConnectED Reach to market to educators with three NEW multi-channel marketing bundles, starting at just $3,000!

One channel is good.
Three channels are better.

Multi-channel campaigns are proven to outperform email alone.

Utilize multiple channels to get the 6 touches you need to capture attention. Educators react when you reach them via email, the web and on social.  Adding digital and social ads into your marketing mix is the trick to accelerating campaign performance.

ConnectED Reach uses precision targeting across channels for optimal results. Moving a prospect from a simple open or click to deeper engagement with your brand requires more than one touchpoint. Below is an example of the components of an ideal multi-channel campaign over a 90-day period.

Sample Campaign Steps

  1. Launch web ads and serve evenly over the 90-day period
  2. Send 1st email and start social ads
  3. Send follow up nurture emails
  • Web ads deliver a consistent brand message to your audience throughout the 90 days.
  • Emails target your specific audience with attributable results.
  • Social ads engage your target audience in their social environment during the height of specific campaigns.
  • Email nurturing builds your level of contact and delivers results on your campaigns

Let us help you build and execute your multi-channel campaigns for education with our proprietary database of verified educators and online targeting tools.