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You Know Our Data, Now Get to Know Our Reach

MDR’s unique multi-channel engagement approach can help you get your brand in front of millions of educators to maximize your lead volume and reach far beyond email.

Our research shows that educators greatly use social media to connect with peers, find resources, follow and fan brands, and research products.  And, we "get" educator behavior from interacting with them every single day via our multi-channel tools.

That’s why we give you the ability to engage educators everywhere—email, direct mail, digital ads, and social media. We don’t stop there—we also have exclusive channels that can only be leveraged through MDR.

MDR’s experienced team can help your brand convert educators with unique content services ranging from ads, blogs, and videos to infographics, webinars, custom programs and more.

Our data, our reach, and our services.  We are here to partner with you today.


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