Introducing School District Influencers

Expand your footprint into school districts

and reach people with influence

District administrators influence important contacts, but they aren’t easy to reach. They rely on a staff of trusted colleagues that support all purchasing decisions. Extend your reach into districts by building relationships with these important professionals. Add MDR District Influencers to your marketing and promotion contacts.

Get ConnectED

District administrators are notoriously difficult to engage—and no wonder! They are deluged with calls, bombarded with emails, and tied up all day in meetings. But administrators don’t make decisions in a vacuum. They rely on a trusted team to vet, analyze, and review purchasing decisions. If you want to forge stronger, more productive relationships at the district level, you need to connect with these respected district influencers.

District Influencer Titles

Job Title Total Names With Emails
Superintendent Office 2,294 1,841
Board Members 25,465 16,344
School Board Office 4,700 2,939
Business Office Specialists 5,210 4,134
Finance/Purchasing Specialists 9,493 7,645
Buildings/Grounds Specialists 6,102 4,587
Food Services Specialists 3,167 2,488
Transportation Specialists 2,573 2,054
Health Services Specialists 573 296
Human Resource Specialists 4,596 3,831
Safety/Security Specialists 404 288
Guidance/Testing Specialists 2,695 1,951
Federal Programs Specialists 1,179 775
Technology/Media Specialists 6,418 4,691
Special/Remedial Ed Specialists 3,731 2,809
Curriculum Specialists 2,943 2,193
Core Curriculum Specialists 253 160
Elective Curriculum Specialists 685 458
Career & Tech Ed Curriculum Specialists 344 234
Counts as of April 12,2021

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