MDR Webinars

Social Emotional Learning in K-12 Schools

What You Need to Know

Teaching students how to successfully navigate complex emotional and social situations is at the heart of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Noting the successes of existing SEL programs, school districts are committing more time, money, and resources into integrating SEL into classroom curriculum and the school environment.

In this webinar, we'll review SEL challenges, opportunities, and findings from MDR’s recent research study on Social Emotional Learning in schools. Our guest speakers will share valuable insights about the future of SEL for providers of educational resources, curriculum developers, and related industry professionals.

You'll Learn:

  • What Social Emotional Learning is, and why it’s important for businesses to get involved
  • How to support schools and teachers as they implement SEL programs
  • Opportunities for educational providers to partner on content and fill in gaps
  • Top findings from the new MDR Insights Report: Social Emotional Learning in Schools

Watch the webinar below or click here to download the presentation.