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Done the MDR Way, Email Gets Phenomenal Results

Others say email marketing results are fading. We say think again.

Email is a conversation opener, a targeted pitch delivery system, a nurturing workhorse, and still the best ROI for the price. Our engagement rates have held steady at an impressive level because we’re fanatically focused on the elements of email marketing that contribute to phenomenal results:

The Data – Our dynamic verification process delivers data quality scores of 90+ from expert third parties.

The Speed – Our turnkey process let's you launch a campaign within 48 hours.

The Delivery – Our impeccable IP reputation gets your messages through to the inbox with a 96% average delivery rate.

The Reach – Run targeted web and social ads to matched audiences alongside your emails for maximum exposure.

The Leads – Get a list of named responders with lots of actionable targeting data appended.

The ROI – Our clients consistently see an average cost per lead of $4.50 from email marketing.

Email Still Delivers

If you’re wondering if email marketing still deserves a place in your marketing mix, consider these trends that make email more valuable: Faster connectivity, a rise in ad blockers and ad blindness, and the increasing cost per lead of other channels.

Whether you need to deploy an email or need a full-service creative solution, our team is eager to help!

MDR’s Digital Trends in the Education Market report is  your guide to multi-channel campaigns across email, web advertising, and social media marketing.
MDR's Data-Driven Digital Marketing Trends in Education

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