Gain greater insights about your customers and prospects, your competition, and outside business influencers with market research that is 100% focused on education. Our experts deliver consulting, research, and analysis services, and report on the trends shaping the education market today—and tomorrow.

Research Tools That Deliver Answers

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research delivers hard data about your target audience. Measure their level of awareness, what they think of your product, and their purchase intent. This type of data is essential, particularly when determining the feasibility of new products, measuring market share, and assessing brand awareness among educators. Use quantitative research for:

  • Concept and Product Testing
  • Market Sizing/Market Potential
  • Competitive Product/Service Assessment
  • Purchasing Forecasts
  • Customer/Client Satisfaction
  • Data collection – online surveys, phone-to-web, and more!

From testing new textbook content prior to adoptions or gathering critical information about market share and competitive status, MDR can deliver valuable answers to your most important questions.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research uses smaller sample sizes and more personal interaction to give you insight on product perceptions and buying preferences, as well as reaction to new marketing campaigns from your customers and prospects. Use qualitative research to:

  • Identify education industry trends
  • Develop strategic positions
  • Understand market drivers
  • Pinpoint target markets
  • Determine unmet needs
  • Craft effective marketing messages

Our research team will work with you to select the best qualitative approach, including online or traditional focus groups, mini-groups, or in-depth interviews, and then interpret the findings.

MDR Reports

Our market reports deliver the big picture and give you the real data behind the trends, so you can make timely product development and marketing decisions. You’ll use this data to create forecasts and strategic plans, and each report helps you understand the market’s most influential trends and direction.

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Why Are MDR Market Insights Unique?

  • 100% Education Focused
    It’s what we do. We communicate with educators, study the trends, and analyze the market forces at play to offer a unique advantage when it comes to research in the education market.
  • Educator Reach
    We can provide more targeted respondents for your research studies including educators from PK through college, where they work and where they go online.
  • Relevant Answers
    Get the in-depth, exclusive answers you need with our state-of-the-art methodologies and multi-channel marketing approaches to reach educators with greater accuracy.
  • Expert Support
    Free initial consultation to evaluate your needs and recommend a market research plan. Ongoing researcher interaction with you throughout the project ensures we achieve the expected results.
  • Flexible Solutions
    Choose the exact level of research service that you need. Our solutions are custom designed to meet your business intelligence needs in today’s marketplace.