Reach Educators Eligible for CARES Act Funds

Now is the time to help our industry meet the current challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis. We’re offering the following database selects, free with a data purchase, to connect you with schools, districts, institutions, and government agencies that will be eligible for CARES funds:

The CARES bill includes $30.5 billion in Education Stabilization Funds dedicated to K-12, Higher Education, and a Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund for local K-12 and colleges. Another $9.5 billion was allocated for specific government programs serving education and children. Funds for these programs will be distributed by and administered by three government departments. Click below to see how funds are being administered:

We’ve been hearing from educators about some of their needs. To handle these unprecedented circumstances, they’ll appreciate your products, services, and ingenuity in helping them to:

  • Support remote learning with collaborative tools, instructional content, or other resources.
  • Deliver distance learning in low socio-economic and rural areas that lack connectivity, wi-fi hot spots, and 1:1 devices.
  • Source digital content for special populations like ELL and Special Ed students.
  • Provide online professional development webinars and tutorials, especially about using digital content, teaching remotely, and adapting content for ELL, Special Ed, and SEL.
  • Source content on mental health, substance abuse, and SEL products.
  • Provide a safe and healthy setting for students with sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning products.

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MDR CARES Selects resource downloads:

MDR CARES Allocation Selects

CARES Act Funds Distribtion

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