The Speed of Data MATTERS

Quickly get the most current, reliable, and accurate data into your workflow to reach your buyers faster.

Data Made Easy

We know everyone works and consumes data just a little bit differently—from industry standard CRM, MAP, or custom-built solutions. Now you can get MDR ConnectED Cloud data directly into your preferred end-platform with MDR’s innovative new cloud-based tool. The open and flexible format supports Salesforce, Marketo, and MS SQL Server platforms.

Why MDR CloudSync for ConnectED Cloud?

MDR CloudSync is a secure method of integrating MDR data to keep your database fresh and current. This cloud-based tool allows for easy mapping of MDR data to your platform with speed and efficiency. You can install the free-standing tool and map data yourself or use MDR’s Expert Support team to help along the way.

Make MDR data part of your workflow, not another work task. Our streamlined delivery solution speeds up getting up-to-date data where you need it, when you want it. MDR CloudSync:

  • Uses MDR’s unique identifiers to update existing records and identify new
  • Refreshes data as frequently as twice per month throughout the year so the latest data is always available
  • Integrates to both building/person as well as lead type objects
  • Works with Salesforce, Marketo and MS SQL Server platforms
  • Is cloud-based and does not require installation into your end-platform
  • Works exclusively with MDR  List data outputs