MDR ConnectED Cloud

Our ConnectED Cloud ListBuilder online tool lets you:

  • Build your own email and direct mail lists with real-time counts
  • Create your audience with the most precise targeting criteria available
  • Receive automatic notifications when your list has an update

The Power to Build Your School and Teacher Lists

You're a smart marketer on a mission: to reach a precise list of educators. MDR’s ConnectED Cloud ListBuilder tool lets you create email and direct mail lists for K-12 schools, colleges, public libraries, and day cares, as well as the personnel in those institutions. Our online, self-service tool makes it easy to create school and teacher lists in your own time and within your budget.

It’s simple. Define your criteria, see real-time counts, adjust as needed, and download your list. ListBuilder offers:

  • Robust list selection criteria
  • Live counts on list or segment
  • Free data refreshes twice monthly
  • Alerts to newly available or updated records
  • Free search and access to MarketView Essential institution profiles

Get building today!

Precision Targeting, Immediate List Download, Automatic List Updates

As you select from our precision criteria, ListBuilder shows live counts, so you can build your best school and teacher audience within your budget. Sign up to see all the criteria available, including institution types, school demographics, geography, and educator job titles. ListBuilder gives you fast and easy access to:

  • Create lists perfectly suited to your campaign needs. Choose the list type that best suits your needs—email, direct mail, or both.
  • Immediately download your list. Once you are satisfied with your list, redeem the required credits and get downloading.
  • Be sure your list is fresh. We'll notify you each time your active lists have updates with changed, deleted, or new records.

When you click this button, you'll be directed to MDR’s ConnectED Cloud signup page. Data is important to us...we won't share yours!