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Today, every marketing program and every marketer are being challenged. The name of the game is to reduce costs, increase ROI, and find new customers faster than ever before. In the education market, that means more data and integrating new channels and strategies. This is where MDR innovation matters most.

We are constantly looking to deliver more value and measurable results that answer your sales and marketing challenges.

From traditional marketing campaigns to highly responsive lead generation programs, new media options to custom program solutions, MDR helps education marketers find new opportunities.

That’s the strength of innovation…only from MDR.


It’s an exciting time at MDR! Below are some highlights from our product and technology roadmap. Check out the new and improved products, tools, and services coming your way...

  • Data Additions & Enhancements

    New student performance data.

  • API Connect

    Make data part of your workflow, not a task!

  • Educator Alerts

    Accelerate your sales efforts with alerts to NEW educator data.

  • MarketView 2.0 + Mobile

    Enable your sales teams with 24/7 mobile access to district, school, personnel, and bid data.

  • WeAreTeachers B2S Mega Giveaway

    Grab the attention of your audience and generate leads for your brand with a back-to-school mega-promotion.

  • Social Media Channel Management

    Maximize engagement across social channels by tapping into our expert team.

  • WeAreTeachers Sponsorships

    Exclusive advertising and newsletter opportunities.

  • DUNS Number

    Maximize your intel on schools with the DUNS number.

  • ListBuilder 2.0

    Get 24/7 access to the best education data for your sales and marketing needs with enhanced features and selection capability.

  • Research Panels

    Create regular feedback loops with teachers and learn current trends happening in schools.

  • ECM 2.0

    Our exclusive marketing automation and reporting tool is getting a full refresh so you can more easily manage your MDR campaigns!

  • WeAreTeachers Holiday Mega Giveaway

    Grab the attention of your audience and generate leads for your brand with a holiday mega-promotion.

  • MDR University

    Learn best practices for reaching and engaging educators, plus discuss current trends and the future of education.

  • WeAreTeachers Rewards

    Increase sales from new and current customers through this exciting, new rewards program.

  • MarketView 2.1 + Funding Alerts

    Drive sales performance with funding data.


    Find unique school rankings based on MDR data with verified educator feedback and comments.

Innovation Continues

NOTE: This roadmap is directional in nature and each product has a development schedule containing variables that could shift timelines.