School changes in the past year...

  • 1,627 Schools and districts changed their address
  • 1,538 New phone numbers in schools and districts
  • 4,379 Public schools shifted their grade range
  • 674 Public schools and districts closed or merged into other schools or districts
  • 371 New schools opened due to enrollment growth or special populations

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MDR School Directories 2020-2021

MDR School Directories deliver the most complete snapshot of every K-12 school nationwide…in print and right at your fingertips. This classic print directory provides you with the industry’s most accurate offline resource to maximize your sales efforts―anywhere!

Our proven data collection methodology ensures contact with 100% of the K-12 district and school universe, so you get the resource you need to identify new sales opportunities, develop marketing plans, and stay ahead of changes throughout the school year.

MDR School Directory Features

  • Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) – Every state book includes a list of all CMOs and identifies all the schools that report to them.
  • Facebook and Twitter Indicators – See which schools are using either Facebook or Twitter.
  • District Tech Budget – See the district’s planned per-pupil technology spending.
  • Email Indicator – Find out if MDR has an email for the key contacts you’re interested in.

MDR Sales Manager’s Guide

Also available is a national summary of school statistics to help establish optimal sales territories and gauge current sales to market potential.