50 Years. Hundreds of High Points.

We’re feeling bubbly, and it’s not the champagne.

Surveying our adventures in education sales and marketing over the decades has revealed how far we’ve come as an MDR team, as a discipline, and as an industry.

For MDR, it all started in 1969 when founder Herb Lobsenz rode into Grand Central Station, found a secluded telephone booth and kicked off 50 years of education focused sales and marketing by dialing for dollars. After reaching out to every education marketer in New York City, and working through a few rolls of dimes in the process, he landed MDR's first customer: Scholastic, Inc. We’ve been inspired ever since to give our customers better options in outreach and engagement!

So, thank you to all the customers who’ve made MDR what it is today. If you’ve been with us since the early days you’ve likely watched the evolution of our logo over time. Under any logo, we’re proud you’re with us.

Throughout this year, we’ll be reflecting on the successes of the past 50. Keep checking back to see all the surprises we have planned (and plenty of high points from the past)!

From the early days when Retrieval was a marketing word, to the angsty teen years when we kept moving around in relation to our parent company, to our warm and exuberant current look, MDR’s logo has always reflected our willingness to adapt to the times and the industry.