Turn Anonymous Web Traffic Into Valuable Relationships

Profile your web visitors and turn unknown visitors into leads. Take the guesswork out of your web traffic with a deep profile of your digital traffic so that your offline and online prospect data are in sync.

MDR Visitor Intelligence differs from other solutions by using the incoming IP address to identify and match education institutions to their unique MDR PID Number, our proprietary identifier. This allows us to identify visitors and return specific education institution data, boosting match accuracy and yielding actionable information across all of your use cases.

Focus on the Facts

Gain instant access to the education information of your most important visitors — such as institution name, location, institution type, enrollment, and more — giving you a laser-sharp focus into which target segments to invest your sales focus and market spend.

Enrich Web AnalyticsEnrich Web Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of content consumption and site engagement, track against your KPIs, and return custom analytics that are unique to your business.

Learn About VisitorsLearn About Your Visitors

Using the MDR PID number as the unique identifier allows you to match against the entire MDR database to learn more about the visiting institution and obtain contacts at that school.

Generate More LeadsGenerate More Leads

Discover leads you never knew you had and route them with actionable data to the right sales channels. When you match for contacts at a visiting institution you have MDR’s extensive audience selection options to target the right contacts at an institution.

Discover the Insights Your Data Holds

MDR’s comprehensive education data consists of more than 240,000 education institution records and is continuously updated. This allows us to return actionable data across a variety of categories, such as:

  • Business Identity: Institution Name, MDR PID Number
  • Location: Institution city, state, and ZIP
  • Firmographic: MDR institution type, file type (district, public, private, etc.), Title I information, and enrollment at the district and/or school

The MDR Visitor Intelligence dashboard allows you to view the data behind your matched visitors, create insightful visualizations, and establish automated reports to share across your organization.

The MDR Advantage

Our focus drives your results—from lead and demand generation to efficiencies of sales and marketing investment—through our data quality, coverage, speed and connectivity. MDR’s proprietary tools and services—Visitor Intelligence, MarketView, Affinity Modeling, Custom Services and Media, and WeAreTeachers and School Leaders Now—drive better results for your business.

Let’s talk about how MDR Visitor Intelligence can grow your business.

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