WeAreTeachers Media Kit & MDR Marketing Services

WeAreTeachers Media Kit

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Our suite of digital advertising solutions combines MDR data with educator-first strategies to launch conversion-driving web, social, and retargeting ads.

Google Adwords

Through best-of-breed processes of MDR, our search-engine marketing (SEM) experts will develop effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your target cost per sale or lead. By investing in Google Adwords, you will assist prospects who are actively searching for your services to find your website.

Social Retargeting Ads

Bring leads from content programs further down the marketing funnel with retargeting ads served to a warm pixeled audience on social media.

Social Ads

Leverage MDR data so that the teachers, administrators, and parents you want to reach will see your content on the social media channels they use most.

WeAreTeachers.com Ads

Reach educators on the most popular website for teachers! Your ads can be tied to key content categories, ensuring they’re reaching your target teacher audience at the most relevant time ensuring results.

Web Ads

Our digital media team can develop optimized ad creative, select a target audience, and use MDR data to place ads on the websites that your audience visits most.