Brands in the know use trusted channels to create successful campaigns that engage with educators.

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You identify the audience, our tools provide a path to reaching that audience. Our best practices allow you to get peak performance out of every channel, so you reach the right educators, across multiple venues, and your message connects.

Direct Mail

Using our comprehensive data and market knowledge, we help you build effective marketing strategies and campaign plans for direct mail.

Our direct mail skills help you:

  • Control costs
  • Improve your prospecting tactics
  • Produce better total return on your investment
  • Ensure more cost-effective mailings

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be the most popular digital channel, and MDR leads the market with the most contacts and the best email tools. We constantly innovate, monitor educator responses, learn from every customer campaign, and share our insight on best practices for maximum ROI.

Our email marketing techniques help you:

  • Generate actionable results at a very low cost
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Get your messages opened, avoid spam filters, and maximize click-throughs
  • Optimize deployment for maximum deliverability

New! ConnectED Reach, our next generation campaign deployment platform.

Display Advertising

MDR’s display advertising solutions offer you a unique advantage over other ad programs—we put your brand in front of known educators.

Our display advertising programs help you:

  • Maximize your advertising dollars
  • Launch or augment your multi-touch digital marketing strategy
  • Broaden your online reach and target your audience with precision

Social Marketing

Get your message in front of educators on the social platforms where they spend time. Our Social Media reach across 10+ different educator and parent social media channels can help reach your customers where they live, work, and play.

Our social marketing expertise helps you:

  • Connect with educators on the social channels they frequent
  • Generate exceptionally qualified leads
  • Nurture educator trust and loyalty
  • Gain insights into educator priorities and needs