Indexes Allow Clients to Identify Market Opportunities and Precisely Target the Best Prospects

SHELTON, Conn. – November 14, 2018 – According to a 2018 study from Dun & Bradstreet and Forrester Research, 80 percent of organizations “struggle to manage the volume, variety and velocity of their business data.” To be successful, they must be able to profile, visualize and segment data, and then act on this knowledge to drive marketing campaigns and sales results.

In no market is this more critical than schools, where educators’ inboxes are filled with unsolicited and, often, untargeted emails from service providers, brands and causes. To help organizations identify prospects and segment key markets, predicting sales opportunities, MDR, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, today unveiled four exclusive education market datasets. These new “indexes” will help organizations assess attributes of school targets, such as the size of their budgets and where they spend them, enrollment trends, how progressive and innovative their environments are, and their levels of online connectivity.

For example, if a company has a new online curriculum that requires schools to have high levels of connectivity and innovation, as well as the budget to support an investment in new technology, it could use MDR indexes to develop a targeted marketing outreach campaign to connect with schools that fit that precise profile, using messaging that resonates with that audience.

“At MDR, we are continuously innovating to provide our customers with increased value and insight into the education market,” said Kristina James, director of marketing, MDR. “With these new indexes, they will be able to refine their outreach to schools to help them effectively reach their optimal audiences.”

Joining MDR’s proprietary School Affluence Index and Buying Power Index, the four new indexes are:

  • Progressive Schools: With this index, marketers can identify the most trail-blazing public schools based on a set of more than a dozen academic and technology indicators, breaking them into three levels of innovation.
  • Enrollment Trends: Marketers can select from four growth trend categories–continuous, high, medium and low–to identify which public schools are on a growth trajectory and target them based on how their enrollment is tracking.
  • Expenditure Trends: This index can be used to single out public schools based on their spending history going back two years. Marketers can choose from four spending trend categories–continuous, high, medium and moderate.
  • Connectivity: MDR’s proprietary index rating of Wi-Fi speeds as compared to FCC standards helps narrow down which schools will successfully support multiple applications.

For more information, visit our web page about these indexes.

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