EdNET Insight Research Tackles Mounting Challenges for U.S. Schools to Manage Multiple Student Devices for Learning and Outlines Potential Business Opportunities for K-12 Providers

New Report: “Multiple Student Devices: Challenges Facing Providers

October 18, 2016, Shelton, CT – A new education report by MDR’s EdNET Insight research team, Multiple Student Devices: Challenges Facing Providers, analyzes the current state of student device use in U.S. districts, schools and classrooms and assembles practical advice for K-12 education companies facing the challenges–and opportunities–of operating in the midst of the multiple device learning environment.

MDR’s EdNET Insight reports combine proven research with analysis by recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that shape the U.S. education market today, and tomorrow. The forty page report, written for MDR by Dr. Rita Oates, President of Oates Associates, details the complexity and growth of the digital device market and the impact on U.S. educators and their students.

“Today’s educators face unprecedented demands for the expansion of more and varied types of digital instruction and devices that students prefer to use for learning,” says Dr. Oates. “These trends have created a surge of unmet needs and opportunities for K-12 companies and organizations who work with U.S. districts and schools.”

The report’s statistical data, charts, case studies, and actionable recommendations, including suggested marketing and sales messaging, will provide K-12 providers with the implications, strategies and future direction they will need to operate in this shifting market. The report assembles information, research and personal perspectives through MDR’s educator surveys, the latest MDR research reports on K-12 education, interviews with leading education technology executives and educators at CoSN and ISTE 2016, scrutinized media coverage and online forums with ISTE Technology Coordinators.

“Clearly technology for learning has radically shifted in the last few years,” adds Dr. Oates. “The multitude of digital devices has caused unsettling experiences for teachers who feel they don’t have adequate professional development to make effective use of digital devices for learning in their classrooms. The shift has also created an enormous demand for administrators, curriculum teams, teachers and technology personnel to manage and deliver differentiated and personalized learning through customization of instructional content.”

The Multiple Student Devices: Challenges Facing Providers report delves into district adoption of different brands and models for learning, and addresses demands now placed upon school leaders to provide digital instruction at all levels. This report substantiates MDR’s findings of last year’s State of the K-12 Market 2015 report confirming five out of ten curriculum directors expect substantial print-to-digital conversion over the next three years. Readers of the report will find these section highlights:

  • Size and growth of K-12 student device market with future trends and drivers.
  • The rising prominence of BYOT/BYOD (bring your own technology/device).
  • Case studies of U.S. district and U.S. state implementations and initiatives.
  • What curriculum and technology teams want from publishers.
  • Privacy and security issues, including rostering students
  • Operating system changes and emerging industry standards, including accessibility.
  • Understanding the role of apps.

Now available to the public, the EdNET Insight report, Multiple Student Devices: Challenges Facing Providers will help readers better understand key trends and business opportunities of the evolving U.S. school multiple digital device market and the complex solutions required to meet the ongoing challenges and demand. To learn more about MDR investigative research, visit MDReducation.com, call 1-800-333-8802, or email mdrinfo@dnb.comcreate new email.

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