MDR Has the Freshest Education Data in the Industry with Updates Made Every Day

Tens of thousands of new teacher names now available

May 6, 2019, Shelton, CT – Data changes in the education industry are at an all-time high. In the last month alone, 55,000 new educator names and 120,000 new email addresses were added to the MDR database. Maintaining a complete, up to date school database is crucial to ensure you are reaching every one of your potential influencers and buyers.

Fresh names often means more than just schools adding new teachers; it could also mean teachers changing roles, moving to new schools, or leaving their jobs all together.

Since January 1, these education data changes have occurred:

  • 450,000 teachers were new to their school
  • 412,000 teachers left their school
  • 391,000 teachers had changes in their job roles
  • 635 schools and districts changed their address
  • 595 public schools and districts closed or merged
  • 292 schools and districts got new phone numbers
  • 269 new schools opened

We know maintaining accuracy isn’t an easy task

With these high levels of volatility, not having accurate data can make or break the success of your marketing campaigns. MDR knows how crucial fresh data is for your brand, and we’re experts at managing its volatility.

Our data gets updated more often than that of our competitors

MDR’s on-staff expert researchers make updates daily to verify more than 7 million teacher names each year, resulting in 93% accuracy of our contact names, as validated by a third party. MDR stays on top of changes in districts, schools, and colleges with information on school administrators and leaders, new buildings and contacts, student population, funding sources, technology, and special education data.

Solutions to keep you in the conversation

As educators change the ways they engage with and respond to brand and product offerings, MDR:

  • Constantly updates teacher names to provide the freshest contacts available
  • Studies the trends and analyzes the forces shaping the market for 100% education-focused market research programs to help shape your business
  • Helps grow your opportunities by connecting directly with educators on our social media channels in the educator community

Fresh data leads to better results. Find out how we can help you get both »